Make Your Home Safe and Accessible for People With Dementia


Dementia Home Consulting

Our goal is to make your or your loved one’s home more dementia-friendly and safe. Living at home as long as possible with the prevention of accidents such as falls, improves the quality of life, lowers health care costs, and promotes community involvement. Our assessment gives you guidance for establishing important safety measures as well as providing information on managing daily living and health needs.


Business/Facility Consulting Services

Our goal is to make your business safer, more attractive, interesting and accessible to seniors and those with dementia. Seniors comprise a large and growing segment of your business and our society as a whole. Seniors who are more actively engaged in their communities are more likely to go out to eat, do activities and frequent community businesses. As a small business owner ourselves, we understand the importance of senior accessibility to a business. Our business consulting includes staff training about senior and dementia health and behavioral concerns, how to make items more interesting and attractive to this group, and gives you guidance for establishing important safety measures in your business.

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